One of our esteemed US-based clients approached us to build a template app for Android. The client wanted to quickly build 100s of mobile apps for smaller organizations like the local firefighters’ group or the city police association.

The client was already providing such services to these organisations through a web-based solution. Although the websites were responsive, they wanted to build native iOS and Android mobile apps. In a nutshell, the client needed to build a white-labeled template app, which can be used to roll out a multitude of apps for 100s of their clients.

What we did

Gleam One Labs worked on the Android version of the solution. We created a base template for the client for the required features within a month and were able to deliver the first set of 5 Android apps, customized for 5 different organizations. The template application was highly customizable easily, from the look and feel, enabling/disabling features, push notifications support and much more.

Till date, the client has already rolled out close to 250 Android apps from the single base template application.